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Why You Should Try To Avoid Metal Futon Frames

Why you should try to avoid the metal frame futon

Is going cheap on a metal futon frame worth the frustration?

Dr. Futonberg's gives sheds some light on this issue 

The first question you probably would like to ask us is, "if you're so against the metal futon frame, why do you even bother selling it on your website?".  The simple answer to this is that we like to cater to all consumer budgets, BUT, we think it's fair to give fair warning if you have higher expectations with such a purchase.

The metal futon frame is what has given the futon industry a bad rep, and in addition, it has also tarnished the name "futon" by associating it with poor college students.  If you still think that you'll be okay with such a purchase, first ask yourself the following questions:
  • How much do I weigh? if for two people, How much do we weigh together?
  • Will I be opening and closing the futon frame often?
  • Will I be sleeping alone, or do I plan on being "active" with a significant other?
  • If I will be frequently using this futon, do I plan I using it more for six months?
Do you see where I'm getting at with these questions?  Here are the following reasons why you should avoid the metal futon frame:
  • The slats where the mattress rests are either thin metal wire mesh or round hollow tubular slats.  Both of these platform slat formations stick up into to the mattress over time and ruin it. Eventually you will start to feel the cheap metal support slats under the mattress
  • The frame squeaks quite a bit and will not hold up to any sort of mildly rough activity if you catch my drift. 
  • The cheap metal frame is 95% hollow and not solid. This means the metal can easily bend and snap off the welding. And it usually does
  • The conversion roller always breaks
  • If you must buy a metal frame because that's the only thing you can afford, NEVER settle for the mattress that comes with the frame. They are extremely heavy and don't even contain cotton but rather shredded yarn or recycled textile fibers. Very hard, and uncomfortable. (This does not apply apply to Urban Futons standard mattress that comes with the futon package, but you should still upgrade)
Save yourself the future headache if you can afford to avoid the metal frame and think about a better quality alternative.

The Vegas Convertible Sofa Bed by Istikbal - A Great Alternative to the Cheap Metal Futon Frame

Vegas Convertible Sofa Bed by Istikbal-Sunset
 If you can afford a little over a hundred dollars more, you will be much happier with the Vegas sofa bed. The Vegas comes in 6 different microsuede colors. This fabric is quite soft and supple and easy to clean.  The sofa bed is has no arm rests so it is quite the space saver. The seat deck cushion lifts up to reveal a storage compartment for your belongings.  The back rests clicks up and down to with ease to convert from sofa to bed position.  The seating cushion is contains Bonnel coils and high density foam cushioning for frequent sitting and sleeping.

In conclusion, if you can be a little bit more flexible with your budget, invest a little extra in the Vegas sofa bed.

DISCOUNT CODE: Enter the word "VEGAS" in the discount field on check out to receive $30 off this product.

IF you're going to get a futon package, don't forget the grip strips (especially if it's a metal frame) 

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