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Top Rated Best Futon Mattress Reviews for Comfort 2016 & 2017 For Your Futon Frame

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 My Top Recommended Futon Mattresses For Your Frame

8" Double Foam & Cotton Futon Mattress by Gold Bond

This is a great starter futon mattress for your frame if you don't want to spend a lot of money.  Only pure Joy cotton batting is used rather than recycled textile fibers.  Foam is always important in a futon mattress especially if it's going to go on your futon frame.  The 8" Double Foam futon contains two layers of 2" inch foam sandwiched between cotton. The foam will help keep the cotton in place from shifting and will give your mattress shape as it bends nicely on the frame.  The 8" inch Double Foam is recommended over the 10" Double Foam by Gold Bond, if you plan on using this mattress on a futon frame.  The 10" thick model is better used on a platform bed frame rather than a futon frame due to it's weight.  If you happen to have a bit more room in your budget, it is recommended to go with the Moonlight Futon Mattress instead.  The Moonlight mattress has 6" inches of foam in the core of the mattress rather than two thin layers like the Double Foam.

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The Woolwrap futon mattress by Gold Bond is similar to the 8" double foam in configuration but has an added layer of soft New Zealand virgin wool insulating the cotton.  The layering of wool gives the futon mattress a more plush and even sleeping surface as well as it making it more breathable.  The wool will help you keep your body cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The Woolwrap futon mattress is perfect for everyday sitting or sleeping on a futon frame or a platform bed frame.

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The Moonlight Futon Mattress by Gold Bond
Reviewed by the futonologist


The Moonlight mattress by Gold Bond is by far the best recommended cotton and foam combination futon mattress.  Just the right about of foam to cotton ratio makes this mattress a comfortable medium firm feel.  The configuration inside this futon mattress is the key to how it functions well as a sofa and a bed.  Measuring around 9" thick, the Moonlight futon contains multiple layers of convoluted and block panel foam measuring 6 inches thick in the core or middle of the mattress.  The high density foam is then surrounded by 3 inches of dense and fluffy Joy cotton batting.  Having the configuration of the foam in the middle of the futon mattress allows the cotton to be pushed up towards the surface more evenly, giving it a more aligned sitting and sleeping area.  This is one of the few cotton futon mattresses that is not too firm and not to soft. It bends well and rests evenly on a futon frame and since it contains more foam, the mattress is much lighter than a an all cotton or 8" or 10" double foam models.  This makes it easier to open and close your futon frame without struggle as well as maneuver or rotate the mattress when needed.  This futon mattress is recommended for everyday sitting or sleeping.

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The Feather Touch Futon Mattress by Gold Bond 
Reviewed by the futonologist.

The Feather Touch futon mattress by Gold Bond is one of the softest and lightest cotton based futon mattresses.  This mattress measures approximately 9" thick and is mostly filled with egg crate or convoluted high density foam.  The foam is then surrounded by about 1-2" of pure Joy cotton batting.  The futon mattress is light, making it easy to open and close on your futon frame as well as maneuver and change the cover from time to time. The mattress is extremely cushy and plush when used as a sofa.  This mattress can be used for everyday sitting and will simulate the give more or less of a sofa cushion.  You can use it as an everyday bed but not recommended if you have back issues.  For people with sensitive back issues, it's better to get a firmer mattress such as the Moonlight or Woolwrap.

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The Stratosphere Premium 6" HD Foam Futon Mattress by Otis Bed

The Stratosphere futon mattress is one of a kind.  Made from high density pressurized industrial strength foam, this futon mattress simply won't bottom out and will last for at least 10 years with frequent usage.  Made with 2.0 density block and convoluted foam, the quality of this mattress is on the superior level.  The Stratosphere is on the thinner side measuring 6" thick rather than the standard 8" and 9" inch thicknesses you will find in your average futon mattress.  So the question is, why choose a thinner mattress?  There are three answers. First is aesthetics.  Sometimes a thinner futon mattress may look aesthetically more pleasing to the eye on a futon frame rather than a thicker mattress.  Second, a thinner mattress will give you a bit more seating depth if you happen to be on the taller side. And third, the Stratosphere is one of the cheaper priced models from the Otis premium futon collection of all foam mattresses.  This futon mattress is light weight and easy to open and close on a futon frame.  The feel of it is medium soft to firm. It does not contain cotton so the feel of it is unlike any average cotton based futon mattress.  It can be used as an every day sofa or bed. However, it is better to go with the Haley 110 Futon Mattress by Otis Bed for primary sleeping use.  The Haley 110 mattress will withstand your body weight over longer periods of time due to thickness.

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The Haley 110 Futon Mattress by Otis Bed 

The Haley 110 futon mattress by Otis Bed measures approximately 9 inches thick with multiple layers of egg crate convoluted high density foam.  Like most futon mattresses made by Otis Bed, the Haley 110 is made with all high density foam and no cotton. This makes the mattress much lighter than your average cotton futon mattress.  This futon mattress will work well on any bifold futon frame, just remember to get grip strips.  It is recommended that you purchase this mattress in a full rather than a queen size if you will be using it on a futon frame.  A queen size can work, but it will be much harder to convert your frame from bed back to sofa position, due to the size.  However, if used for a platform bed frame, then queen size is fine.  If you insist on a queen size with a premium futon mattress, it is recommended to either go with the Stratosphere or Pulsar futon mattress.  This mattress is considered medium firm and will give you many years of sitting and sleeping comfort.  The Haley 110 will hold up for 10 plus years with frequent usage.  Like most futons made by Otis Bed, the Haley 110 has straight boxed line edges which will make the mattress more even looking and cleaner on the futon frame.

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The Pulsar Memory Foam Futon Mattress by Otis Bed

Memory foam inside a futon mattress is some what of a new invention, yet has many advantages over non-memory foam futon mattresses.  The Pulsar futon mattress measures approximately 8"-9" inches thick with multiple layers of high density foam supporting 3 inches of visco elastic memory foam toward the surface.  You will find that memory foam is very flexible and bends easily on a futon frame, making the conversion from sofa to bed, or bed to sofa much more smooth.  A great feature to a memory foam futon mattress is that when you convert it from sofa to bed position, it will not retain the notorious crease in the middle of the futon mattress where it folds.  Memory foam will respond to the room temperature. The colder it is, the more dense and firm the memory foam becomes.  The warmer it is, the softer the futon mattress becomes.  This Pulsar is the luxury of all futon mattresses and provides superior sitting and sleeping support.  Remember, that if you are using this as an everyday bed and you never slept on memory foam before, it may take a week to get used to.  Please keep in mind that people with very sensitive back issues may not do well on memory foam and may be better off with a firm cotton mattress.

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The Moonshadow Futon Mattress by Otis Bed 

The Moonshadow futon mattress is like no other kind of futon mattress as far as it's plush surface, it's rebound bounce and  firm support.  This futon mattress has 14" inches of super industrial strength high pressurized HD foam compressed into 8".  Firmness and softness is quite a relative term to some degree.  This mattress has a plus surface but firm support.  This means that it should completely support your body weight without feeling the compressing to the bottom.

The unique feature about this mattress is it's marshmallow feel and it's bounciness.  It doesn't have any coil springs in it, but it sure has a little give when you plop yourself on this mattress.  The best way to describe the feel of this mattress is very similar to a latex mattress in the sense of the give or bounce of the material.  

Another great feature of the Moonshadow futon mattress and other futon mattresses by Otis Bed is that they are light weight and you can bend the corner edges to easily make your bed and put your fitted elastic sheets on.  

If used on a futon frame, just like other futons by Otis Bed, it's quite easy to change the futon cover due to it's boxed edges and lightness, unlike the cotton futons.

This mattress can be used on a futon frame, HOWEVER, please note that it is better used on a platform bed.  Because of it's foam configuration, this mattress can be a little bit on the stubborn side for converting your frame.  If you DO intend to use this on a futon frame, it is recommended that it should go on either a solid oak wood futon frame, or either a futon frame with very heavy arms.

Definitely, not recommended on a queen size futon frame.

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