Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Don't Fall For Cheap Imitation Sofa Beds Priced Under $300 Online

Shopping for sofa beds online can be quite a hard task especially if you are only going by the picture and can't try it out in person.  However, price says everything. 90% of the time you see that price has everything to do with quality.  If you can buy a sofa bed for less than $300, you can't expect much from comfort.  The average retail price of a sofa bed of decent quality, it  will usually range from $400-$800 range.

The number one lesson you should know is that looks can be deceiving, and you can't judge a book by it's cover.  If you have read about any of my previous articles concerning my issues with the metal futon frame, I now have come an advocate of the metal futon frame if you are considering buying one of these sofa bed junkers.  A metal futon frame will always be better than any of these cheap convertible sofa beds.

Why are these cheap sofa beds so bad?

  •  They contain  very low density of cheap Chinese foam.  A sofa bed or also commonly referred to as "click clacks", "modern futons", "couch beds" etc.., will contain some layering of high density foam padding above the coil springs or mesh webbing seat deck.  In cheap sofa beds, this foam will lose its density very fast and within no time you will feel the support coils or webbing sticking up in you.
  • The sofa legs are either plastic, or hollow metal which can easily break
  • Most of these sofa beds are not standard size mattress lengths, and many of them are shorter than 70" long.  Twin size bed mattresses are at least 75" long.
  • Very uncomfortable for sitting long periods of time.  Because of the dimensions of these sofa beds, the height and seating depth can be quite off which makes it quite uncomfortable for sitting.
  • Not designed to withstand weights of over 150lbs.  This doesn't mean the sofa will break, it means that it will be very hard and uncomfortable for the average weight adult to sit on.. 
  • There is no solid wood frame.  The frame of these sofa beds are usually mad with particle board wood or cheap metal.  
Bottom line, these sofa beds really do not hold up well and should be tossed to the garbage within less than a year.

In contrast, if you are looking for a decent quality sofa bed that's not too expensive under $600, you should consider a sofa bed from either "Istikbal" or "Lifestyle Solutions".  These sofa beds use solid woods and metals for their frames as well as a much better quality density of foam in their cushions.  The legs of the sofa are much better made and tend to be very durable if not solid.

Sofa Beds by Istikbal

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