Sunday, May 22, 2016

Before You Buy a Queen Size Futon Bed Set Package, You Should Know...

Queen Size Futon Bed Package Sets

First ask yourself if it is really necessary to purchase a queen size futon set package rather than a full size futon package.  As far as the two sizes are concerned, the length of the seating area will only be a difference of around 5 inches.  The queen size futon frames will open to 60" inches wide by 80" long.  This is the standard size of a queen size mattress.  A full or double size futon frame will open to 55" inches wide by 75" long.  Both sizes can accommodate two adults comfortably.

You will notice that the queen size futon frames will have a slightly higher back rest and will look a bit more bulky than the full size frames.  The queen size frame will have two extension support legs in the back of the back rest for added support when converted to the bed position.

As an experienced doctor in futonology, there are some drawbacks that you must be aware of with the queen size frame.  First, you will notice that a queen size frame is a bit harder to close from the bed to sofa position.  You need to have a little bit of upper body strength to perform this conversion.  Keep in mind that there are a few mattresses that I don't recommend in the queen size as an upgrade for your package, unless you are prepared to build up muscle memory in your arms to master the conversion from bed to sofa smoothly.

These Futon Mattresses May Be A Struggle To Operate on a Queen Size Futon Frame
1. The Haley 110 can be somewhat of a struggle to convert from bed to sofa position in a queen size
2. Innerspring futon mattresses can also be somewhat of a struggle, so be prepared to learn
3. Any cotton futon mattresses greater than 8" thick with no foam inside.  Keep in mind that the foam adds flexibility and rigidity to the mattress so it can bend easily.
4. Futon mattresses less than 6 inches thick.  Their seating depth on the frame may be too long, feeling quite awkward as your legs dangle and can't touch the ground. (unless you are very tall).

Recommended Futon Mattresses for Queen Size Futon Frames:
1. Feathertouch by Gold Bond
2. Moonlight by Gold Bond
3. Woolwrap by Gold Bond
4. Premium:Stratosphere by Otis Bed
5. Premium: Pulsar memory foam by Otis Bed.

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