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Top Best Rated Convertible Sofa Bed Sleepers Online With Free Shipping for 2016 & 2017


1. Regata & Vegas Sofa Bed by Istikbal: 

I decided to group these two convertible sofa beds together because they basically share the same dimensions, style and price.  The only difference is the tufting pattern on the back rests.  The Regata has a lumbar support hump and the Vegas has a grid pattern design.  Both sofa beds come in a variety of fabrics and microsuede colors.  Measuring just under 77" long, with no arm rests, The Vegas and Regata are perfect sizes for small spaces.  As a matter of fact, I would recommend purchasing this type of sofa bed over a metal frame futon package if you can afford a little over $100 more in your budget.  Istikbal, the Turkish based manufacture of these two sofa beds, has an innovative coil spring design inside the seating cushion and back rest, with an orthopedic like mattress feel.  With an ample storage compartment under the seat deck, there are tons of personal items you can easily conceal in your shoe box size of an apartment.  This is a great starter sofa bed for under $500 if you need something inexpensive to hold you over for 3-5 years.  This is only if you plan on using it as your primary sofa. Otherwise it will hold up a lot longer with occasional use of course.

Drawback: No armrests to lean on, only converts into a twin and a half size sleeper
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Vegas Convertible Sofa Bed by Istikbal Sunset Furniture
Regata Convertible Sofa Bed by Istikbal Sunset Furniture

2. The Matrix Casual Convertible Sofa Bed by Lifestyle Solutions 
The Matrix Casual Convertible Sofa Bed by Lifestyle Solutions is considered "casual" because of it's multi-positional arm-rests and back rests.  The best feature that I love about this convertible sleeper is the plush pillow top cushion with the dual arm rests and multi-positional back rests.  Because this sofa bed is a bit shallower in depth, you can easily recline the back rest half-way to increase your seating depth.  The adjustable arm rests are perfect to lean on in the seating position and make for an excellent head-rest for lounging and napping.  A truly handsome and comfortable modern sofa bed made in plush faux leather textile with modern chrome accented legs. Mid level priced with great value that should give you at least 5 years of sitting and lounging comfort.  This sofa bed delivers easily in a flat pack box with an easy assembly of mounting just the legs.

Drawback: Does not convert into a standard size sleeper but rather a twin and half size. Perfect size for one person, and just about right for a couple that truly loves to spoon.  Does not contain bottom storage compartment.

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Matrix Casual Convertible Sofa Bed by Lifestyle Solutions

3. The Valerie Loveseat Convertible by Istikbal
The Valerie loveseat convertible sofa bed is truly one of a kind.  With modern track arm rests rather than curved and bulky, this loveseat measures just 66" long.  It converts easily into a full/double size sleeper for two adults.  The mattress/seat cushion contains coils topped with high density foam.  This loveseat sleeper operates similar to the Twist.

The Twist loveseat is the same concept as the Valerie but does not have arm rests.  My advice is that if you have room for arm rests, it is highly recommended to either get the Valerie or Victoria.  Having arm rests ensures that the body of the sofa stays on the track while converting from sofa to bed and back. The Twist can be a little tricky when it comes to closing. Please view the demonstration video at the bottom of the product page.  

It is highly recommended that you purchase the Mlily memory foam gel mattress topper for a more comfortable even sleeping surface for all sofa beds that .  Your guest will appreciate it.   The Valerie is perfect for small apartment living rooms, or guest rooms.

Drawback: Does not convert easily on thick carpet, better used on hardwood floor or very thin carpet. Must be a little off the wall to make conversion from sofa to sleeper.  This is not the case with the Victoria because it is considered a wall hugger and has a finished back.

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The Valerie Loveseat Full Size Sleeper by Istikbal Sunset

4. Vision Mini "L" Sectional by Istikbal Sunset
The Vision sectional is the perfect size "L" sectional for small spaces.  In actuality it really is a two piece sofa and chaise lounge.  Both sofa and chaise will lift up for tons of storage space.  This sofa bed measures just under 100" long.  The arms are modern in design and are detachable in order to fit through tight spaces for easy delivery.  The chaise can be reversed on either side by simply telling the delivery crew which side you would like the chaise facing.  This is a perfect couple sofa because both people can fit comfortably on this sofa in the lounging position. One person can lie across the sofa part while the other can prop up their feet while lounging on the chaise. 

Drawback: This sofa does not contain as much seating depth as others. It may feel a bit too small for people on the taller side. It's more comfortable to lounge or lie across this sofa rather than sitting for long hours in the up right position.  In order for this sofa bed to accommodate two adults comfortably, you would have to purchase the additional ottoman piece to widen the sleeping area.

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Vision Mini "L" Sectional by Istikbal

  5. K43-2 Queen Loveseat Sofa Bed by J&M 
     The K43-2 is the smallest convertible loveseat that will convert into a standard queen size bed.  This sleek and modern arm-less loveseat comes in a black or white faux leather textile material with subtle modern chrome legs.  This convertible loveseat uses a tri-fold sleeper mechanism which extends out the vertical way rather than the bifold horizontal way.  With loose back fluffy cushions, the K43-2 is comfortable for sitting and lounging. It's a perfect space saver for a home office/guest room because of it's 60" of wall space length it occupies.  What I love about this loveseat is that the sleeper is designed to withstand people of all weights and is solidly sound and won't shake.  The mattress cushions, despite being in three separate pieces, are tightly aligned so you won't feel the gap in between.  

Drawback:  You need to have just a little bit of upper body strength to convert this from sofa to bed position.  This would be hard for a child or elderly/disabled person to operate.  The mattress surface, although firm, does not contain any coil system in the cushion. This makes the surface extra firm. Very highly recommended to add a mattress topper pad.

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Click on the link below which will take you to the product page, then scroll to the bottom to view the product demonstration video

The K43-2 Queen Loveseat Convertible Sofa Bed

6. The Fantasy Queen Sofa Bed Sleeper by Istikbal
The Fantasy queen sofa bed sleeper is a perfect 2 to 3 person sitting sofa for small apartments or guest rooms. Measuring under 80" in length, this sofa bed is armless so it appears smaller scale, not to look overwhelming in your small space.  Since it lacks arm rests, it makes up for it with two flip zipper side pillows that you can lean on or rest your head. What I love about this sofa bed is that if you are using it for just one guest, you don't have to open it to a bed. Simply remove the back rest cushions, and there you have a single size sleeper.  The mattress comes into two pieces each measuring 30" wide. This enables a couple to have their own side of the bed. The mattress has an innerspring coil system layered with plush padding and high density foam.  With plenty of storage space under the seating cushion, this multi functional sofa bed makes for  a comfortable queen guest bed and is quite the space saver.

Drawback: There are not too many drawbacks to this sofa bed asides that it lacks arm rests and it should be moved a few inches off the wall when converting from sofa to bed.

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Fantasy Queen Size Sofa Bed in Tetris Blue
Fantasy Queen Size Sofa Bed in Aristo Burgundy

Fantasy Queen Size Sofa Bed in Silverado Chocolate
Fantasy Queen Size Sofa Bed in Valencia Gray
Fantasy Queen Sofa Bed in Best Vizon
7. The Harper Queen Convertible Sofa Bed by Istikbal
    The Harper queen convertible sofa bed gives you all the luxury needed in a sofa for sitting and a convertible for sleeping. Measuring just under 90" across, this convertible sofa bed has thin track modern arm rests for leaning and lounging with fluffy loose back rest cushions.  This sofa bed has deep seating, so if you're on the taller side, not to worry, your knees won't stick out like a coffee table.  The Harper can be used as your primary sofa for sitting in your living room or can make a great addition to a home office or guest room.  Long and deep enough for afternoon napping and watching TV.  Easily converts into a queen size sleeper with an underneath pop up platform base.

Drawback: Does not contain storage compartment. The seating and pop up platform sleeper can be on the firmer side. It is suggested to add a memory foam mattress pad topper for a more comfortable and plush sleeping surface for longer term guests.

DISCOUNT CODE: Enter code "HARPER-25" on check out for $25 off this product

Harper Queen Size Convertible Sofa Bed in Rainbow Gray

Harper Queen Size Sofa Bed in Obsession Truffle

8. Supremax Delux Excess Full Size Convertible Sofa Bed By Innovation Living 
  This premium convertible sofa bed by Innovation Living,(one of the leading Danish based manufactures of convertible sofa beds on the market), can be used as an every day or long term guest bed.   The Supremax does not have arm rests so it occupies just 79" of wall space.  The seating is deep and is comfortable as an everyday sofa for sitting in your living room.  The inner seating cushion contains a 10" thick wrapped pocketed coil spring topped off with industrial strength HD foam. This will give you a firm mattress feel and prevent motion transfer movement when two people are sitting on the sofa at the same time.  This convertible sofa bed also comes in queen size. Keep in mind that the queen size model has much deeper seating so it is better used for lounging rather than sitting in the upright back position.  The Supremax is very easy to convert from sofa to bed and back and forth with it's split bi-fold mattress track mechanism.  Sofa beds made by this manufacture, Innovation Living, are designed to hold up for 8-10 years with frequent usage.  Consider adding a mattress topper for a more plush and even sleeping surface, especially if you intend to use the sleeper long term.

Drawback: This sofa bed does not have arm rests nor bottom storage and is a bit on the pricier side, but well worth the investment.

DISCOUNT CODE: Enter code "SUPRE-25" on check out for $50 off this product

Supremax Delux Excess Full Size Convertible Sofa Bed By Innovation Living
Supremax Delux Queen Size Convertible Sofa Bed By Innovation Living

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