Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Make Your Futon Look Presentable

When it comes to futons, many people have this misconception that futons are cheap, ugly and are for poor people or struggling students.  The reason for such misconception is because during the late 80s and throughout the 90's, there has been an influx of cheap metal futon frames.  These metal futon frames tend to break easily and come with a cheap flimsy mattress.

Futon Design Ideas with Accent Pillows

In contrast, the original style all wooden futon frame is the best choice for a longer lasting piece of furniture.  The futon is all about choice.  It's very important that you choose the right type of frame and mattress first.  Because the futon is piece by piece, unlike conventional sofas, you are not stuck with just one look.

When it comes to choosing the right type of mattress for your futon frame it is important that you stay away from the standard mattress that comes with the set package.  If you are choosing a cotton based mattress, make sure that it has some foam layering inside.  A cotton futon mattress with no foam, will not look even and rest well on the frame.  The foam keeps the cotton in place and enables the mattress to bend evenly.

When it comes to the final stage in designing your futon, the most important element of the design is the futon cover.  You want to make sure that the futon cover is the right size for the mattress.  If the cover is too loose, you will see a lot of wrinkles.  Also, the thinner thread count futon covers tend to show a lot of wrinkles. For this reason, you should look for a heavier texture cover that fits snug over the mattress.

Futon Decorating Ideas With White Frame

This what happens when you buy the wrong futon cover

As you can see int he two pictures above, the first futon looks great with a tight fitting cover and accent pillows.  The second futon looks ugly as sin.  This is what happens when you either buy a cheap futon cover or use a bed sheet.  This ugly futon belongs in a garage, not a living room.

The idea is to make your futon resemble a conventional sofa.  Because sofas have separate seating cushions and back cushions and a futon is all one piece, it is important that you define the crease in the middle of the mattress.  This can be done by nicely folding over the cover to hide it.  However, the best idea is to use throw pillows.  When you place the pillows in the middle of the mattress along the crease, this gives an illusion that the futon has a separate seat and back cushion like a conventional sofa.

Adding side bolster pillows along the arm rests is a great idea.  Not only does this make the futon look warm and inviting, but it also is much more comfortable to lean against.  Most people tend to lean against the arm rest on a sofa.  Because futon frames are bear wooden arms, the bolster pillow softens up the hardness.

One of the most important things to keep in mind for a futon is making sure the mattress rests nicely on the frame and does not slip off the edge.  Non slip grip strips for your mattress is a perfect solution. Some futon frames come with a non slip pad which works well, but grip strips are better because they really hold that stubborn mattress in place.  Nothing looks worse than a drooping futon mattress.
Keep your futon mattress in place with non slip grip strips for your frame.

If you really want to make your futon look high end, add bottom storage drawers as shown in the picture with the white futon frame.  By adding storage drawers, you make the futon look complete.  This no longer looks like your cheap futon but rather a high end sofa.

What's wrong with this futon?

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