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Best Rated Mattress for Sex for Active Couples - The Pros & Cons by Dr. Futonberg

                                     (Warning: semi-graphic language in this article)

There are two main functions of a mattress. First is “sleeping” and second is “conceiving”. Or we should only hope it’s for conceiving, but we can call it “making love”. This is a question that doesn’t get asked much but it should because I'm sure it's on many couples' minds. To answer this question as best as possible, I may have to be a little graphic in nature but I’ll try to keep it clean.

First, there really is no such thing as the best mattress to have sex on because it all depends on the positions and activities of foreplay you happen to practice. We can break the mattresses down by category of main ingredient, such as innerspring, high density foam, and memory foam (temperpedic like). Each category of mattress has it’s pros and cons, so only you can decide what type of mattress best suits you and your partners activities. I will also take into account that the quality of mattress has to be decent and not something cheap and generic like. We’ll focus on mattresses that retail online between $400 to $1000 in queen size.


First we start with innerspring mattresses. Innerspring coil mattresses are good for love making if you like a little bounce in your thrust. The bounce of the springs will keep the motion going but will lessen the impact. Also if you invest in an innerspring mattress, make sure it contains a thick and strong foam encasement perimeter. This feature will give extra support along the edge of the mattress so it doesn’t cave in. Not all love making is done in the middle of the bed, some couples use the edge. It is especially important that the mattress has extra foam pad layering over the thick 10″ or greater for the size of the coils. The reason for this is if you are making love in the (woof, woof, or ruff ruff position - the sound a dog makes), keep in mind that for the man, all of his body weight will be concentrated in the knees which will really weigh down the coils in that particular spot. This could throw the man a little off balance. Make sure that the mattress has enough quality foam padding over the coils.

For the missionary position or the cowgirl mounting position, the innerspring mattress will keep the movement going but will lessen the impact. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Only you can decide.

Memory Foam

The opposite feel or texture to innerspring coil mattresses is memory foam. Memory foam or temperpedic like mattresses will slow you down in the thrust or the motion but will strengthen the impact of a deeper penetration. Memory foam type mattress can work well in many positions but no so much in the doggy way. The reason being is that if you weight more than your spouse you will not be surface level because it will feel like you’re in quick sand or a slowly sinking ship. So depending on whoever is doing the thrusting part, that person will have to work a bit harder on a memory foam mattress than an innerspring mattress, so you should be in good shape unless you literally want your lovemaking to become a distant memory on your “for-sleep-only” memory foam mattress.

The Best Type of Mattress for Sex is High Density Foam by Otis Bed (in the Doctor's opinion)

Last, we have the best of both innerspring and memory foam worlds. I’m not talking about the combination of both memory foam and innerspring, which does exist, but something a little bit more affordable for the new college graduate starting out in their career, or the new young couple or perhaps a guest room where you know you’ll be hosting guests who treat your bed as if it was in a motel that charges hourly rates. The type of mattress I believe is the best for having sex is the all-high density foam platform/futon mattresses by Otis Bed. I know I sound a little biased promoting this brand, however there is a lot of validity to my endorsement. Otis Bed mattresses are the best of quality and also very affordable. All the mattresses ship easily in a vacuum compressed box. I suggest two different model types of mattresses for your platform bed frame.

The Moonshadow futon mattress is an excellent choice for active couples.  It's considered soft in the sense that it has some bounce or give, yet it is firm in support.  It's a thick foam mattress measuring between 8" to 9", yet it is stuffed with more than 14" of the highest density foam, compressed into 8" to 9" thick.  This gives the mattress some give so it feels like it has springs.  It's the best of both worlds of firmness and softness combined together.   For just between a $400–$600 Otis Bed offers affordable quality mattresses that have a 10 year manufacture’s warranty and feel like a high quality innerspring or even latex type mattress.

High density foam futon and platform bed mattresses by Otis bed are designed with the highest quality and density of multiple compressed layers of high pressurized foam. When you have 14–16″ of high density foam compressed into 8–10″ thick, it gives a spring like feel or slight bounce to the mattress. It’s the best of both worlds giving you good steady bounce for motion, thrust and impact.

Top Best Rated Foam Mattresses by Otis Bed
Haley 110
Haley 150

High Density Foam Futon & Platform Bed Mattresses by Otis Bed

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